1. 7 Reasons to Consider a Trust for your Family

    7 Reasons to Consider a Trust for Your Family

    Do you consider trusts to be instruments of the wealthy?  While it is true that many Americans of means have trusts to protect and pass their wealth, there are a number of reasons why trusts can also be useful for middle-class families. Here are 7 of them: Control distribution of assets. You wouldn…Read More

  2. A young woman wearing a backpack skips down the side of a mountain, her arms flung out to her sides.

    Is It Time To Go Solo(preneur)?

    There’s nothing like a major change in the economic climate to make you rethink your day job. “Business as usual” currently means a large element of uncertainty about what the future holds for your working life. Whether you've lost your job, had your hours cut, or have seen these things happen…Read More

  3. A small green sprout grows out of a crack in a concrete slab.

    Learning to Flourish, Even in a Financial Crisis

    Maybe you, like many of us, have been raised to think that the safest way to live in the working world is to have a good career and a steady paycheck. This financial crisis is challenging that framework for many people. Even if you had a steady job, and even if you still have one, by now you’ve le…Read More