1. What You Should Know About Long-Term Care Insurance

    With people living longer than ever before, more and more seniors require long-term healthcare services in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. However, such care is extremely expensive, especially when it’s needed for extended periods of time. Traditional healthcare insurance doesn’t cover such services, and though Medicare does pay for some long-term care, i…Read More

  2. Once Your Kids Are 18, Make Sure They Sign These Documents

    While estate planning is probably the last thing on your teenage kids' mind, when they turn 18 it should be their (and your) number-one priority. At 18, they become legal adults in the eyes of the law. You no longer have the authority to make decisions regarding their healthcare, nor will you have access to their financial accounts.       With you no longer in charge, y…Read More

  3. COVID-19 Highlights Critical Need for Advance Healthcare Directives—Part 2

    In the first part of this series, we discussed the vital importance of having updated advance directives in place in light of COVID-19. Here, we’ll look at several additional provisions you should consider adding to your directives to address potential contingencies related to the pandemic.   With new cases of COVID-19 currently surging in dozens of states, doctors acro…Read More

  4. COVID-19 Highlights Critical Need for Advance Healthcare Directives—Part 1

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the country, doctors across the nation are joining lawyers in urging Americans to create the proper estate planning documents, so medical providers can better coordinate their care should they become hospitalized with the virus. The most critical planning tools for this purpose are medical power of attorney and a living will, ad…Read More

  5. Coronavirus and It’s Impact On You

    CORONAVIRUS: Impact to Your Wealth, Health and Happiness   While it’s still hard to tell how the Coronavirus will impact us in the long term, it’s become a subject that’s impossible to ignore. While some are advocating we prepare to be quarantined, potentially for months, others are saying the virus is nothing more than a common cold. The World Health Organization t…Read More