1. Who Would Care For Your Children If You Got Sick With COVID-19?

    Who Would Care For Your Children If You Got Sick With COVID-19? The pandemic is causing us to consider a lot of things that we may not have before, even if maybe we should have.   A colleague of mine tells her personal story this way. One unremarkable weekend, she left her small children with a bab…Read More

  2. 3 Unique Ways to Handle the Guilt Inherent to Being a Parent

    Currently, the burden on you as a parent, is to both carry on with your work and manage your child’s full-time care and education. Two full-time jobs that you’re trying to do by yourself, likely without teachers or care providers to help you. Here are 3 unique ways to handle the guilt inherent t…Read More

  3. Getting Legal Documents Signed During Social Distancing

    Getting legal documents signed during social distancing orders might not be something that has crossed your mind yet. While wills, trusts, health care directives, powers of attorney, and legal guardian nominations are on many of our hearts and minds as COVID-19 compels us to face our own fragility a…Read More

  4. Important Questions to be Asking Your Parents and Why

    Are You Clear About How Your Parents Estate Plan Will Impact You?   Do your parents have an estate plan? Is it up to date? These are important questions to be asking your parents. No matter how rich or poor you or your parents are, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to be ask…Read More

  5. stockmarket

    Understanding Your Investments (and your parent’s investments!)

    Should You (or Your Parents) Be in the Stock Market Now? If you or your parents have a retirement account, (or any investment accounts for that matter) now is the time to get connected to how those accounts are invested. While you may have outsourced all of this to a broker in the past, you can no l…Read More

  6. Online Wills

    Online Wills - When You Should, When You Shouldn't and Where to Do It With all of the media about “digital wills” and “online estate planning” it could be tempting to think you can do your estate planning yourself, online. And, maybe you can. But, if you do, you need to know the potential pi…Read More

  7. A Map to Doing the Right Thing for the People You Love

    A Map to Doing the Right Thing for the People You Love During the COVID-19 Pandemic Right now, huge numbers of people are coming face to face with their own mortality, and realizing they need to plan for the worst. This goes not just for those of us in the “senior” category, but for all of us, n…Read More

  8. The Family Emergency Plan: Live Webinar May 16th

    Now that's we've gone 100% virtual, we have found a way to bring estate planning education right to your living room! On Saturday, May 16th, Attorney Elena Ortega-Tauler will be hosting "The Family Emergency Plan" where she will be walking you through the steps you can take now to ensure that your l…Read More

  9. How To Get Access to Your COVID Stimulus Money

    It’s the beginning of the month, and bills are coming due. If you are stressed out, it’s important that you know where and how to get access to financial relief. Please consider this not only for yourself, but for your adult children and elderly parents, too, even if you do not need it for yours…Read More

  10. Check!

    Simple Actions You Can Take Right Now

    What are the most important legal and financial actions you can take right now? As you already know, the COVID-19 pandemic means nothing is business as usual. Many states have implemented a “shelter-in-place” order to limit the spread of the disease. If you are not in a place with such an order,…Read More